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Bagla Mukhi Yantra
Maa Bagla Mukhi is also known as a Brahmaastra in hindu Vedas. First of all Lord Brahma worshiped the Bagla Mukhi Mahavidhya later he told to Sankadik Muni and sanatkumar briefed about this MahaVidhya to Dev Rishi Narad Muni and this Mahavidhya Reached at Paramhans named Sakhayanan through Narad Muni . Sankhyayan Muni Creates a Bagla Tantra in 36 Chapters. Lord Vishnu was the 2nd Lord Parshuram was third who worshiped Maa Bagla Mukhi and later Lord Parshuram told about this mahavdihya to Aacharya Dron. Maa Bagla Mukhi is Eight MahaVidhya out of the 10 Mahavidhyas. Maa Bagla Mukhi Yantra and her pooja is make devotees free from the all the fear and make your enemies inactive. If you kept maa Bagla Mukhi's yantra in your home and maa will bless you and help to overcome enemies and all the tensions.

Maa Bagla Mukhi is also known as a Pitambra Maa because she Originated from Harida Sarovara which is Yellow Sarovar. Maa Bagla Mukhi likes yellow color and Goddess bless more if aspirats or Upasak offering pooja with Yellow cloth and flower and other yellow thing.

Origin of Maa Bagla Mukhi
Before time immemorial, a huge storm erupted over the universe. As it threatened to destroy whole of the creation, The Lord Vishnu called on the supreme power and Goddess Bagla Mukhi emerged from the 'Haridra Sarovara' in the Saurashtra region (Kathiyawada), and the same time all direction brightened up with unique light of Shree Vidhya. That night was called Veer Ratri and sky was full of stars. That day was Tuesday and Chaturdashi. She had been served by Pannch Makkar's. She made her home in deep yellow turmeric, from that mid-night and appeased by the prayer of the God, calmed down the storm.

After that Tantric's (Practitioner of Divine power) use to include Pannch Makkar's in their diet. From the light of ShreeVidya, 2nd Trilok Stambhani, Brahmastra Vidya emerged. The power That Brahmastra Vidya merged into The Lord Vishnu's Power.

A demon named Madan undertook austerities and won the boon of vak siddhi, according to which anything he said came about. He abused this boon by harassing innocent people. Enraged by his mischief, the gods worshipped Bagla Mukhi. She stopped the demon's rampage by taking hold of his tongue and stilling his speech. Before she could kill him, however, he asked to be worshipped with her, and she relented, That is why he is depicted with Goddess Bagla Mukhi.

Use of Bagla Mukhi Yantra
Bagla Mukhi Yantra should be worshipped with dhoop and diya every day. The worshipped must wear yellow coloured clothes , and sit on a yellow platform while offering his puja. Besides, keeping it in a puja room, one can also wear this yantra in his neck. Yellow coloured seeds, yellow clothes, and yellow platform should be used while worshipping the yantra. The worshipper should also chanta baglamukhi mantras when offering his prayers. It is believed that the person who donate yellow cloth in the temple in the name of goddess Bagla Mukhi gets relief from all kind of sufferings and troubles in life.

Bagla Mukhi Yantra Benefits
Bagla Mukhi yantra provides victory over enemies, destroy enemies and protect from evil spirits. The person holding Bagla Mukhi yantra gets success in legal matters. It is very important to follow the rules and rituals mentioned in ancient scriptures to worship this yantra. Chaturdashi on Tuesday, when Sun is placed in the capricon sign is considered to be very auspicious for establishing Bagla Mukhi yantra. It is believed that Goddess Bagla Mukhi appeared on this day only to destroy devils in the all the three worlds.

Significance of Bagla Mukhi Yantra
Goddess Bagla Mukhi is the eighth Mahavidya out of ten Mahavidyas. She is the goddess of immense power and is worshipped to attain victory over enemies, arguments etc. A person who worships her gets relief from all sorts of problems in life. It is believed that the goddess herself resides in this yantra that provides immense power to the devotees to get success in every aspect of life. Worshipping her gives relief from every kind of obstacle and sufferings of life, and the devotees attains salvation.

Maa Vaglamukhi is Not Cruel
If you think Maa Bagla Mukhi is cruel and she will punish you if u did any wrong step during the pooja then I want to inform you here that it's absolutely false or just delusion Maa Bagla Mukhi is not cruel. If you worship her then she must care you . she will help you to overcome your enemies and destroy all the hurdles which you have to face.

It is not the compulsory to do Pooja with full steps, I Know several person those did not follow the full pooja Vidhi but they kept Maa Bagla Mukhi Yantra in home and do formal pooja and they blessed By Maa.

Maa Bagla Mukhi brings you and your family positivity from the negative ends. Sometimes you got her blessing late due to your previous bad fate but later you must get the blessing of Maa Bagla Mukhi.

It just like a medical treatment in which doctor can only directs you while you have to take medicine. Like that you will have to whorship yourself then Maa Bagla Mukhi bless you as like her child.

Maa Bagla Mukhi Yantra + package
  • Maa Bagla Mukhi Yantra
  • Yellow cloth to wear
  • Gold Plated Bagla Mukhi kavach
  • Haldi Mala
  • Googgal
  • Dhuni Kund
  • Haldi for Tika
  • Yellow Plateform or Asan
  • Photo of Maa Pitambra Peeth Datia
Size (Pure Copper) 7x7
Price per Pc. Rs. 3100/-
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