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Semi Precious Gemstones

There are 84 types of gems. Out of these there are only 8 gems which have been described previously and the remaining are called semi-precious gems. Many of them are used to make idols, cutlery, and ornamental items. Some of them are however not available now. Semi-precious gems, which are in fashion these days, have more sheen, importance and influence than the real ones. These are described as follows :

In Hindi Amber is referred to as `Kaharua`. It is not a gemstone but a fossil resin. It is largely available in red and yellow colours. It is the most earliest, light-weight and gentle among all gems. It is found in the coasts of England, China, Thailand, the seas of Baltic and Sysley, in the form of gum or fatty substance. When worn around the neck it placates the mind. It is thought that by wearing amber one can be saved from turning demented. This holds truth, because amber possesses magnetic properties. Its magnetic character works on the electromagnetic field of the body and enables the wearer to achieve more self-discipline and improved physical fitness. Evil spirits or sorcery cannot strike the wearer. He does not fall prey to any ailment of throat. Its crystals are advantageous for contagious diseases. It is obligatory for children to wear at least one or two beads of amber around the neck.
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It is an opaque gem. Agate looks splendid after being carved. It is available in several colours. Pictures of trees, cloud, grass and also plants can be seen in the stone. It holds providential power. It is an auspicious gem for the farmers and other manual labourers. For removing evil planetary effects, a person should wear an Agate mala of the same colour which belongs to the planet. The mala of the specific planet should be used to count the beads chanting mantras, pertaining to the planet.
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In Hindi it is called `Jamunia` or `Kataila`. Amethyst is purple in colour. Its worthiness depends upon its thickness in colour. With the augmentation of its thickness, its worth and effect also increases. Due to surplus iron in it, an amethyst wearer gains in spiritual power. It crushes every ill obsession. Its wearer can never fall short of honourable status. It also makes a man to refrain from wine. The wearer starts to detest sinning, by which he receives mental peace and comfort. Hence, it is more in demand in present times, than in the past. In the western countries, ladies wear amethyst to make their husbands love them eternally. It is also worn to placate the superciliousness of Saturn. People generally wear it instead of Blue sapphire.
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In Hindi it is called "Beruj". Aquamarine belongs to the family of Emerald. It is azure in colour and also transparent. It possesses all the qualities that an emerald has. People generally wear it instead of emerald. It is exceedingly handy for those on a voyage. It can be safely be used by everyone. It is especially consoling if used as a necklace, armlet, talisman or pendant. When used by females, it amplifies feminine virtues.
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It is available in many colours, like red, brown and orange. If a person feels feverish in the evening, a carnelian mala is very advantageous for him, because it soaks up excess body heat and cools the patient. Its garland brings in tolerance, tenaciousness and self-confidence. Carnelian also eradicates malicious effects on the wearer.
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It is a transparent stone. Citrine is yellow in colour. It is worn in place of yellow sapphire. According to scholars, it betters one`s fate. According to Egyptians and Romans, it should be used when a man is suffering from frail eye-sight or any other kind of eye trouble. Its wearer receives more and more financial and physical supremacy, long life, respect, friendship, success, good looks and insight. It is a representation of comradeship. If worn, a person does not suffer from nightmares and can relish with a sound sleep.
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In present times, a garnet is much popular and in fashion. It is crimson in colour, polished and gorgeous. It corresponds with the sun, so it is worn instead of ruby. By wearing its ring, pendant or necklace an individual`s good luck gets augmented, health turns strong; the wearer obtains respect and victory in journey. A garnet wearer avoids dishonest and illegitimate activities. It is also very useful for rheumatoid arthritis. It stops blood loss and heals diseases caused by formation of stones inside the body, promotes dynamism and liveliness and acts as a sexual stimulus.
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In Urdu it is called `Sang-E-Sitara`, `Lajavart` in Tamil and `Taramandle` in Bengali. It is reddish-brown in colour with glistening spots that shine like gold. Goldstone is extremely delicate. Numerous attractive things like mala, statuette, Shivalinga etc., are made after cutting and chiselling the gold-stone.
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Green Jade
In Urdu it is called `Margaj`. Green Jade is a substitute gem of emerald. Jade is mainly available in green. If children gift this gem to their parents, their lifespan increases. According to Chinese scholars, it increases the sense of humour and has soothing effect on the eyes. This assists a person in any kind of disputes. Greeks and Romans believed that a jade wearer could never suffer from mental and optical diseases. Everybody thinks that this gem saves the wearer from diseases concerning heart, stomach and kidney.
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It is a natural magnet stone, known as `chumbak` in Hindi. Lodestone is opaque, crimson coloured, black and without much sheen. Due to its magnetic capability, it is very helpful in blood related diseased like paralysis, rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, etc. A person can also use it to avoid the ill effects of Saturn.
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Lapis Lazuli
Its colour is blueish-black with golden spots, similar to that of a peacock`s throat. It can be worn instead of blue sapphire to save oneself from the harmful effects of Saturn, Rahu and Ketu, or any obstacle in any job or disorder at home. However, people after 50 years of age are advised to wear it. It saves a person from diseases like urinary problems, tuberculosis, jaundice, diabetes and wearisomeness etc. It should always be worn in a silver ring or pendant.
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This is also known as kidney`s stone. Melakite is greyish green in colour and has efficient effects, a bit like kidney. This gem consists features of fine quality copper. This gem is beneficial if worn in a ring or around the neck, to prevent any kind of rheumatoid arthritis, abdominal diseases and kidney diseases. For respite from stone diseases its paste should be applied on the kidney or should be consumed after mixing it with rose water. If the kidney contains stone inside and doctors have advised for an operation, then once prior to the operation it should be worn in a ring and tied around the waist, which is sure that a person will be free from any kind of operation. The stone will itself pass out through urine. This fact is well examined.
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Moon Stone
In Sanskrit it is called `Godanti`. It is opaque, with the colour of milk. The name itself denotes that it has some relations with the moon, and the moon relates with the mind. It is useful to wear when the mind is incoherent. Therefore ladies and young children should wear it to reinforce their wits. Moon stone increases eyesight of the wearer and also brings conjugal happiness to the user. It makes one`s mind and thinkings unadulterated. Wearing it will mostly profit priests and Brahmins.
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Among all the gems, opal is the most striking and mystifying. It is as smooth as honey and a reflection of various colours are seen in it. It`s worth increases with its coloured lustre. Opal amplifies one`s faith in the Almighty. Therefore it is most beneficial to yogis, saints and priests. It teaches to follow the path renunciation to the homemakers. It can also be worn in palce of diamond.
Note - According to Shastras, homemakers should not wear it.

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In ancient times peridot was very popular, but today it can be found with great difficulty. It looks polished and sheeny. It is coloured like honey. It is largely found in Myanmar, Norway, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Virginia (U.S.A.) and New Mexico. It satisfies one`s wishes of a family, wishess for a son, wealth and health. If worn, the peridot helps in removing evil-effects, sorcery, evil spirits, epilepsy and fear of snake bites.
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In Hindi it is called `Zehar Mohra`. Serpentine is light green in colour. In prehistoric times it was used to make utensils. Food was prepared and eaten in those utensils. The toxicant food inside these pots used to change the colour of the vessels to yellow. Greeks still use this in their Ayurvedic medicines. A serpentine wearer can never fall prey to diseases related to stomach.
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Tourmaline consists of numerous substances. It simultaneously corresponds to three celestial bodies - Mercury, Venus and the Sun. Tourmaline contains all the qualities of their equivalent gems - Emerald, Diamond and Ruby. It can be worn without any fear- it never scathes the wearer. It transmits a blood current in the veins of the wearer that restrains the mind and betters his mental ability. It also transmits the ability of sound judgement. Children who are weak in studies or dull should wear it. Green or yellow Tourmaline is advantageous for increasing knowledge and development in trade. White tourmaline is useful for people in acting, writing and desire to attain name and fame.
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Its colour is sky blueish or greenish blue. Turquoise contains phosphorus, aluminum, copper and some amount of water. It radiates after it is polished. It is so fragile that it is easily damaged with a little fire or water. Astrologically, turquoise is related to Ketu. So it is helpful to a man is affected by Ketu. Its wearer can never be poisoned to death. This gem is a must to those who embark on adventurous journeys or any kind of journey. Like a true friend turquoise saves the wearer from all kinds of mishaps and gives contentment to the wearer. It is gifted as a marriage ring in Russia. Its colour changes, according to the change in seasons. Since medieval times, it is believed that turquoise obliterates loathing and augments love. During an onset of grave disease, its colour variation warns the wearer.
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Onex is available in several colours. It is a polished stone. It is an alternate of emerald. It is helpful in neck-spasms as well as backache. It also helps in living a contented and joyful conjugal life. Purity rests in thinkings of a wearer of onex. It is particularly meant for priests and Brahmins.
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